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A rough 2x4 is slightly less than 2 inches thick and approximately 4 inches wide.  The drying process and planing of the board reduce it to the finished 1.5x3.5 size.

After waking up at 0200 we left for the airport and went through security. Most of us were still very tired and a couple people didn’t eat breakfast so we started to get a little hungry after we took off. It was a very relaxing flight, not much turbulence. After landing, we got our luggage and waited for the rates to bring the cars and vans for us and our sea bags. Getting to see Florida right outside the airport was awesome because of the green grass everywhere, the palm trees and just seeing the landscape. Then we showed up at the Domestic Global Village and got all our rooms set up. After a couple meetings, we then had free time.  A couple of the guys and I played a game of basketball…
  Take a tour of the Habitat For Humanity Domestic Global Village that the cadets will call home for the next two weeks!      
  Cadets arrived at Taylor’s Point last night in preparation for an early flight this morning. Departing Massachusetts Maritime Academy at 0300, we began our journey to the Sunshine State. After landing we quickly retrieved our bags, while the faculty and rates obtained the rental cars. After about an hour, we arrived at the Domestic Global Village (DGV). Carlos, Habitat for Humanity’s (HFH) Director of Volunteer Services introduced the mission of HFH and some of the projects to which we shall contribute in Lake and Sumter Counties. These include building two houses, and several other projects. Revived by a catered lunch the cadets enjoyed an afternoon of free time. Many traveled…
We had a very exciting and early morning today, in order to make it to Florida! Our bus left the Mass Maritime Campus at 3:30 AM and made it to the airport in time for our 6:00 AM flight to Orlando. Once in Orlando, we traveled in vans one hour north to Eustis, Florida. We were introduced to the Habitat for Humanity program here and had a safety briefing and discussed the plan for the next two weeks. We enjoyed a day to get used to things here.  I am very excited to start the trip off with going to the Kennedy Space Center tomorrow.   Content