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Costa Rica


  Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, is home to 2/3 of the country’s residents.

  "I have a basic grasp of Spanish after three year studying it in high school. I also continue to practice with my roommate from Puerto Rico." Name: 4/C Dawson C. Potter Hometown: Milford, MA "I am better at reading than speaking Spanish. I took four years in high school." Name: 4/C Patrick L. Fahey Hometown: Duxbury, MA "I know basic Spanish but haven't taken it in six years." Name: 4/C Adam C. Lanctot Hometown: Foxboro, MA "I can read/speak Spanish somewhat but very basic. I took three years in high school." Name: 4/C John M. Warren Hometown: Sutton, MA "No, I took French in high school." Name: 4/C Lukas J. Janulaitis Hometown: Centerville, MA            
  “I enjoyed our school’s science fair every year. I remember one year I found out how much electricity can be carried through watermelon. I also enjoyed our field trips including to Woods Hole and the Aquarium. I vividly remember going to the Boston Museum of Science.” Name: 4/C Lukas J. Janulaitis Hometown: Centerville, MA “At our science fair, one of my friends and I had a project that tested how well different materials acted as barriers for water. We used sand, rocks, and gravel and made our own little bags with the materials in them. We put the bags in a large bin and ran water on one side of the bags. For our results, we measured how high the water level got on the opposite…
Are your parents, family members, or teachers coffee drinkers?  Many adults look forward to a cup of coffee to start their day.  The cadets enjoyed their visit to Doka Estate, the largest coffee plantation in Costa Rica.   Click on the link to view the Doka Estate website. Once at the website, click on About Us and/or Coffee Tour. Would like to take a tour of the plantation?  Watch one (or more) of the four videos below.  
  Today we got to tour one of the coffee plantations and see how they made the coffee beans. There is a lot more that goes into creating the coffee beans than I thought there would be. We also got to see a pretty cool butterfly garden. In the garden there were a bunch of different types of butterflies flying in between us. It was a really cool experience seeing that many butterflies and cocoons in such a small space. The blue morpho butterflies were definitely the best looking with the eyes on the bottom of their wings.      
The cadets had a great day exploring the La Paz Waterfall Garden & Animal Sanctuary in Alajuela, Costa Rica.   Here is a link to the attraction's website. Check out these three videos!  You'll feel like you are hiking right beside the cadets.
  Today was our first day in Costa Rica. My favorite part of the day was visiting La Paz. In La Paz, there was barbecue ribs, fresh fruit, and a lot of birds. Toucans, sloths, and waterfalls were in every trail we walked down. In the center of La Paz, there was an apiary full of all of the exotic animals that you could feed and take pictures with.      
  ¡Hola! A beautiful day in Costa Rica today! We began our day with delicious fruit and breakfast from the hotel before making our way back onto the bus. Our tour guide, Al, brought us to the Doka Coffee plantation. Here we learned about the process of making coffee from the selection of species to the separation of beans. We also got to do a lot of tasting! From here we went to La Paz a rescue animal sanctuary home to five waterfalls and even more animals. We had a delicious lunch here and hiked through the rainforest. We even met some two toed sloths! Finally we went to dinner, where we discovered a small gift shop that allowed you to paint the walls, and made our way back to…
"Do well in math and science. ESE is the best engineering degree." Name: 4/C Doug Walker Hometown: Falmouth, MA "I have not learned much about the degree yet but from what I have heard and experienced so far, I think that it is important to be good in math and have an interest in renewable forms of energy and power plants in general." Name: 4/C Lukas J. Janulaitis Hometown: Centerville, MA "Make sure that you develop good study habits before coming to college, especially if you plan on studying ESE. The workload is a lot and the classes are difficult but it will pay off in the end. Name: 4/C Zachary R. Sylvia Hometown: Brockton, MA "I recommend that you really take a look at your…
  Cadets spent their first night at the Parque Del Lago Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica.  After a long day, the cadets were relieved that the hotel was only a twenty minute drive from Juan Santamaria International Airport.   Take a visual tour of the hotel.  Imagine that you are right there with the cadets.      
"Hola from Costa Rica!" It may have taken two buses, two planes, and a few cadets who were sick to their stomach, but we've made. The Massachusetts Maritime Academy Costa Rica Experiential Learning Trip has officially touched down and we are ready for a restful night's sleep at Parque Del Lago Hotel to get us ready for the rest of our stay here. With anticipation for what's to come, “Goodnight and Pura Vida!” from us here in Costa Rica!   Content