Captain's Log: Friday, June 11, 2021 - Happy 130th Birthday, MMA!

Submitted by Campbell on Fri, 06/11/2021 - 06:00
three children hold signs and cake
top of yellow and blue cake with letter m


Good morning, Followers -

It is an honor to be serving as the Captain of the TS Kennedy on the Academy's milestone birthday.  

It looks like my wife and our three youngest children are celebrating back in Narraganset, Rhode Island.  They may be having birthday cake for breakfast this morning.  Don't let the sign on the right confuse you.  It is the Academy's 130th birthday, not mine.  

We won't be missing out on birthday cake aboard the TS Kennedy. Chartwells has made a cake for all of us to enjoy with our dinner.

On Saturday, the TS Kennedy will be in anchorage off of Miami, Florida.  A small boat will deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the ship. This will be a  great learning experience for the cadets.

There are twenty-one cadets from Florida participating in Sea Term 2021..  Miami is the hometown of 1/C Isaac Freile.

On Sunday, the TS Kennedy's annual jousting tournament will take place on the Helo Deck.  Cadets have signed up to battle their shipmates in an inflatable ring.  Of course, I  will be observing the action, rather than participating.  

Everyone aboard the TS Kennedy sends their birthday wishes back to the Academy.  Happy 130th!

Enjoy your weekend!

Captain Michael J. Campbell





child's handmade sign
daughter holds birthday sign with cake