Little Buc's Blog: Four Students In Jamestown, NY Ask, "Why KNOT?" - Friday, 6-4-21

Submitted by Little Buc on Fri, 06/04/2021 - 05:00

Ahoy, Followers -

You are KNOT going to believe this!  These four fifth grade students from Jamestown, New York can tie a square knot as well as any cadet aboard the TS Kennedy.  

Every 4/C cadet will have to demonstrate their skills at tying eight different knots before Sea Term is over. Our blogger, 4/C Dylan Lydell may have to call these students in his mom's class for a little tutoring.  

Thanks for sharing this photo with me, Mrs. Lydell.  I am very impressed.

Your favorite pirate aboard the TS Kennedy,

Little Buc

cadet holds square knot
square knot


four students hold square knots
chart shows how to tie a square knot