Four Cadet Artists Leave Their Mark On Their TS Kennedy

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empty wall of grinder area
empty wall of grinder area
food grinding area with blank wall
sorting food near blank wall


food waste rules

It’s one of the TS Kennedy’s dirtiest, smelliest, stomach-turning jobs - sorting food waste. 

Oh, the job isn’t all bad.  You get to wear a super cool white, Tyvek coverall suit and work with Boson Tom Tucker, one of the friendliest, most supportive guys you could ever hope to meet.  And, if you’re lucky, you’ll be declared a hero if you discover a fork or a spoon in your colorful mound of meatloaf, breakfast cereal, apple cores, peas, pudding, bread crusts, and clam chowder.  As if that’s not enough, when you’re done, Boson Tom might treat you to a Slushie from the Crew Mess Deck.  Surely that makes the job worthwhile, right? 

No, not really. 

Although cadets understand the necessity of disposing food waste at sea – and the importance of strictly adhering to the MARPOL guidelines, the simple truth is…the job stinks.  Literally and figuratively!

Until this week, when cadets looked up from sorting waste, all they saw was a boring, blank white wall.  Four talented cadets set out to change that. 

Working together, the artists added a colorful, humorous, mural that is guaranteed to put a smile on every face…even when their gloved hands are covered in garbage.  Their masterpiece features Oscar The Grouch, Sesame Street’s loveable, green puppet that lives in a trash can and sings, “I Love Trash!” Two friendly mice who are walking along the window frame look down at the garbage.  A large, blue octopus watches over the scene.  

According to a study by the American Society Of Interior Designers, employees who like their office environment were 31% more likely to be satisfied with their job.  If this is true, sorting waste has just become a little easier to take.

Thanks to these four talented artists for leaving their mark on the TS Kennedy!  Their work will brighten the days and evenings of food sorters for years to come.

oscar the grouch drawing





four cadets paint colorful mural over grinder area.
four cadets paint colorful mural over grinder area.
four cadets paint colorful mural over grinder area.
four cadets paint colorful mural over grinder area.