Little Buc's & Giles Hopkins's Blog: Thursday, February 20, 2020 "Pray Remember me, Followers!"

Submitted by Little Buc on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 12:22

Little BucAhoy, Followers!  Ahoy, Giles! 

Giles HopkinsGood Morrow, Followers!  Good Morrow, Little Buc! 

Little BucWell, this is it, my Pilgrim friend!  Our final blog!

Giles HopkinsI am sad that our blogging time is drawing to an end, but I am excited to get home to start the countdown to the return of Mayflower II from Connecticut to Massachusetts.

Little Buc: On Sunday, there will be excitement in the air as the TS Kennedy transits the Cape Cod Canal before arriving at Taylors Point.  Relatives, friends, and Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience participants will line the banks of the canal with signs and banner.  The pier at Massachusetts Maritime Academy will be packed!  I am sure that a lot of them will want their photograph taken with us.  I have even heard that there are a few Little Buc & Giles Fan Clubs. You and I will be very busy!

Giles HopkinsSpeaking of the Cape Cod Canal, I want to share a three-minute video with you.  It shows Mayflower II cruising through the Cape Cod Canal back in 2013.  At the 54-second mark, you will see her passing Massachusetts Maritime Academy and the TS Kennedy.

Little Buc: What a connection between the TS Kennedy and Mayflower II!  We have both cruised the Cape Cod Canal!

Giles HopkinsYou’ll notice that Mayflower II was not under her own power. Her sails were down and she is being towed.  Sailing is not permitted in the Cape Cod Canal and of course, Mayflower II does not have an engine of her own.  I will add to your excitement by adding three more photos. 

mayflower II in canal 2016


mayflower II in canal 2013


mayflower II in canal 2013


Little BucI just love the Cape Cod Canal!  As the TS Kennedy cruises the seven miles from Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay, I feel like we are already home. Because the canal is just 480 feet wide, cadets manning the rails can see the happy faces of the loved ones standing on the shore or watch a fishermen reel giant striped bass.  

Giles HopkinsAlthough the Cape Cod Canal did not open until July 29th, 1914, it was actually Pilgrim Miles Standish who first suggested the building of the canal.  I told Captain Campbell all about it yesterday.

Little BucThat explains why the first ship to enter the Cape Cod Canal on July 29th, 1914 was the Rose Standish.  She led a grand parade of boats.  The Rose Standish was a steel-hulled paddle steamship.  

Here are some images of the Rose Standish on her big day.

rose standish


black and white image of rose standish


rose standish


Did Miles Standish have a relative named Rose Standish

Giles Hopkins:  Rose Standish was the wife of Miles Standish.  We talked about her earlier in Sea Term.  Unfortunately, nothing is known about her.  She died during the first winter. 

Little BucIn honor of our final blog together, I have one last surprise for you, Giles.  Here is photograph of the Presidential Yacht, USS Mayflower, as she passed under a drawbridge on the Cape Cod Canal.  

yacht mayflower


yacht mayflower


Giles Hopkins: You’re full of surprises, Little Buc!  Another Mayflower in the Cape Cod Canal?  Tell me more! 

Little BucThat photo was taken about a century ago, right around the time that the country was celebrating the 300th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims.  This Mayflower was 275 feet and length and had a width of 36 feet.  President Warren Harding traveled through Plymouth to the Pilgrim Tercentenary commemoration. 

Here are two additional images.

Giles HopkinsThank you, Little Buc!  What a perfect way to end our final blog!  Sea Term 2020 may be drawing to a close, but our friendship will continue.  I hope that you will join me in Plymouth throughout 2020 for all of the festivities surrounding Plymouth 400.  I look forward to seeing out many followers there as well. 

Be sure to check out the Plymouth 400 website to stay up to date on the celebrations that are happening in Plymouth and throughout Massachusetts.

Little BucThank you for being the perfect traveling companion, Giles!  In the remaining months of 2020, it will be great to spend time in Plymouth with you and our many Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience participants attending all of the exciting events that are planned. 

Thank you for being the perfect traveling companion, Giles!  I will always remember Sea Term 2020!

Giles HopkinsI will close with a farewell phrase that Pilgrims used when they were parting from loved ones…

Pray remember me, Little Buc!  Pray remember me, Followers!

Little BucWe will, dear Giles!  We certainly will.