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gulf stream map
Benjamin Franklin's Gulf Stream Map 

arriving in provincetown harbor
little buc and giles at base of monument


Little BucAhoy, Followers!  Ahoy, Giles! 

Giles HopkinsGood Morrow, Followers!  Good Morrow, Little Buc! 

Little BucWell, we’re on our way home!  The Gulf Stream will be helping us out as we head north.  The Gulf Stream is a strong, warm ocean current.  It begins in the Gulf of Mexico and flows around the tip of Florida, into the Atlantic Ocean, and north along the eastern coast of the United States.

The Gulf Stream flows extremely fast.  I overheard a cadet say that it about three hundred times faster than the Amazon River!  Now that’s what I call fast.  Depending on the weather, Captain Campbell may navigate the TS Kennedy into the Gulf Stream so that it can help us travel faster.

Giles HopkinsWe can thank Benjamin Franklin for charting the Gulf Stream back in 1775.  Although the Gulf Stream will help the TS Kennedy this week, historian believe that it actually slowed Mayflower down. 

As you know, the Gulf Stream branches to Western Europe.  It brings warmth to England.  That’s why their winters are quite mild.  If it wasn’t for the Gulf Stream, winter in England and some locations in Europe could be as frigid as Canada.

Little BucBut if the Gulf Stream is helping the TS Kennedy, how did it slow down Mayflower?  I don’t get it!

Giles HopkinsThe Gulf Stream heads north, and then branches west.  The TS Kennedy is heading north from Florida so that means that we are heading in the same direction of Gulf StreamMayflower was heading east, while the Gulf Stream was heading west.  If Mayflower encountered the Gulf Stream, it may have prevented the ship from moving forward or even pushed it backwards.

Little BucOh, I get it now!  Ponce de Leon observed the Gulf Stream way back in 1513.  Too bad it took so long to get it charted.  If Mayflower could have avoided the Gulf Stream, she might have arrived a little sooner. 

Giles HopkinsAnother factor working against the Mayflower were the westerly winds pushing against the ship.  When the ship returned to England the following April, the voyage took just thirty days.  Less than half the time! 

Little BucAs we head home towards Buzzards Bay, I have been thinking about Master Jones during the final days of his voyage.  Do you think that Master Jones had any clues that he was nearing land? 

Giles HopkinsMaster Jones left no records so I can only make predictions.  He probably completed depth soundings with the lead line that we talked about two weeks ago.  In that case, he’d notice that the ocean depth was decreasing.  Perhaps he noticed changes in the color of the ocean.  He may have caught the scent of land in an offshore breeze. 

In a book called Mourt;s Relation: A Journal Of The Pilgrims At Plymouth 1622 by William Bradford and Edward Winslow it states, "Upon the ninth of November by breake of the day we espied land which we deemed to be Cape Cod, and so afterward it proved."

book mourts relation

Little Buc:  I had a great day with you in Provincetown this summer!  Here are two photos that we took in Provincetown.

Giles HopkinsThat was a wonderful day!  I enjoyed showing you the Pilgrim Monument.  It was built between 1907 and 1910 to commemorate the first landfall of the Pilgrims and the signing of the Mayflower Compact in Provincetown Harbor.   Can travel to

Little Buc:  That 252 foot monument is quite impressive!  I can’t believe that it is the tallest all-granite structure in the United States!  Climbing the 116 steps to the top was quite a workout for the two of us, considering that we are each less than one foot tall, but the spectacular view made it all worthwhile. 

Giles Hopkins: It was a tough climb for our short legs, but at least looking at the interior stones helped the two of us pass the time.  The stones were donated by cities, towns, and organizations from all across the United States. 

Little Buc: I watched a great video about the Pilgrim Monument.  I know that our many followers will enjoy learning about this tribute to the Pilgrims.

Giles HopkinsMayflower II is scheduled to return to Provincetown from Monday September 7th to Monday, September 14th, 2020.    During the visit, Mayflower II will be the setting of a historical re-enactment of the Signing of the Mayflower Compact. Members of the public will be able to witness the history that happened in Provincetown Harbor in 1620. During the week, Mayflower II will be open for public tours. 

Of course, all of this depends on the weather.

Little Buc: How exciting!  Let’s plan to visit Provincetown together! 

Giles Hopkins: It’s a date! 

Little Buc: 4/C Cadet Gabriel Calouro is a Marine Transportation major from Orleans, Massachusetts. 1/C Benjamin Hull is a Marine Engineering major who also calls Orleans home. Orleans is just twenty-six miles from   Provincetown.   Cadet Calouro and Cadet Hull are the cadets on Sea Term 2020 who live the closest to Provincetown.  Let’s invite them to join us next September.

Giles Hopkins: Great idea!  We’ll go look for them now. Fare thee well, Followers!

Little Buc: Have a great day, Followers! 


little buc and giles on the beach
giles and buc at base of the monument
plaque on pilgrim monument
pilgrim monument view