Little Buc's & Giles Hopkins's Blog: Peregrine White's TS Kennedy Connection - January 23, 2020

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Little BucAhoy, Followers!  Ahoy, Giles! 

Giles HopkinsGood Morrow, Followers!  Good Morrow, Little Buc!

Little BucHey wait!  We’re one day early!  Today is Wednesday.  We do our blog together on Mondays and Thursdays, right? 

Giles HopkinsYes.  That’s right!  But I couldn’t wait another day to tell you about another Mayflower connection on the TS Kennedy.  Yesterday, I ran into 4/C Cadet Brendan Bouressa on watch on the Bridge.

Little Buc: I know Cadet Bouressa!  He’s a Marine Transportation major from Marshfield, Massachusetts

Giles HopkinsBrendan and his family reside on Peregrine White’s homestead. Peregrine White was the first baby born in the New World.

Little BucOh, do you mean that Peregrine was born in Plymouth?

Giles Hopkins: No, the little guy couldn’t wait that long!  Peregrine was born while the Pilgrims were still choosing a sight for their new colony.  Mayflower was anchored in what is now Provincetown Harbor, sometime in the final days of November or early December 1620.  His unusual name means “traveler” or “pilgrim”.

Little Buc: That was a pretty appropriate name!

It’s all coming back to me, Giles!  You took me to Provincetown Harbor last summer and told me about Peregrine!  I think that I saw a tear in your eye when our ferry passed over the spot where you believed that the Mayflower anchored

Giles HopkinsIt was a moving moment, Little Buc!  Of course, the harbor is now, much, much busier than when little Peregrine made his entrance into the world. 

Little Buc: I might have seen some more tears when we visited the Pilgrim Monument.

Giles Hopkins: I couldn’t hide my emotion!  The Pilgrim Monument is a fitting tribute to the brave Pilgrims.  Perhaps we can share more about Provincetown and the Pilgrim Monument in an upcoming post.  For now, let’s stick to Peregrine White.

Little Buc: Good idea!  We’ll put that topic on hold.  Who were Peregrine’s parents? 

Giles Hopkins: Peregrine’s father was William WhiteWilliam was about thirty-three when he traveled on Mayflower with his wife, Susanna White, who was about twenty-eight years old.  William and Susan had a young son named Resolved who made the trip with them. He was about five years old – the same age as some of our youngest Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience participants.

Sadly, William died the first winter on February 21st.  Susanna married Edward Winslow less than three months later.  This was the first marriage that took place in the Plymouth ColonySusanna had five more children. 

Little Buc: So Peregrine later moved from Plymouth to Marshfield

Giles Hopkins: Yes, in 1636, Susanna and Edward moved the family to Marshfield, north of Plymouth when Peregrine was sixteen years old.  Like all boys his age, Peregrine joined the militia.  Over the years, he worked his way up to Captain and deputy of the General Court. 

Little Buc: 4/C Benjamin Bouressa isn’t the only cadet from Marshfield on the TS Kennedy!  Just wait until I talk to all of these cadets about Peregrine White!

1/C Brendan Dwight – MENG
1/C Michael O’Brien – MENG
1/C Patrick Kielty – MENG
1/C Nicholas Scanzillo – MENG
4/C Brian Tollman – MENG
4/C Brendan Ross - MENG
4/C Erik DiBeneditto – MTRA
4/C Seean Kennedy – MENG
4/C Patrick Brown - MENG
4/C Braden Killens – MTRA
4/C Joshua Rousseau – MENG
4/C Duncan Latta - MENG
4/C Owen Sullivan - MTRA

Giles Hopkins: At Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, there is a beautiful hooded wicker cradle that may have been brought on Mayflower by William and Susanna White, for Baby Peregrine. It is thought that the cradle was purchased in Holland.

Little Buc: Could our followers visit Pilgrim Hall Museum to view the cradle?

Giles Hopkins: Absolutely!  Pilgrim Hall Museum is located at 75 Court Street in Plymouth.  Followers who are unable to make the trip may visit Pilgrim Hall’s website:

Little Buc: Did Peregrine marry and have a family when he grew up?

Giles Hopkins: Yes, he did!  Peregrine married his wife Sarah around 1648.  They had seven serviving children; Daniel, Jonathan, Peregrine, Sarah, Sylvanus, and Mercy

Little Buc: So Cadet Bouressa lives in the same spot that Peregrine White did? 

Giles Hopkins: Yes!  An inscribed stone near the house states: Peregrine White Homestead – He was born on the Mayflower Nov. 20, 1620. Settled on this estate at marriage and here spent the remainder of his days.”

Here are two photos that Cadet Bouressa shared with me.  One is a beautiful view of the property.  The other is a close-up of the stone.

Little BucI had an opportunity to speak with Cadet Boursea’s mom on the dock as the TS Kennedy faded into the horizon.  When I asked her how Benjamin developed his love of the ocean, she replied, Brendan has grown up on the side of the South River and spent his entire life loving the water. He loves every aspect of it from the sun rising over the ocean or river in the morning, to watching the tide empty and fill our marsh, to preparing for damaging storm surge, to kayaking, surfing and fishing. 

When he was old enough to sit in a kayak on his Dad’s lap he started loving boats. He graduated to hard bottom inflatables, got his boat license at 12, and taught kids surfing at surf camp when he was 14, he would spend hours playing in our canoes on land with his siblings when he wasn’t actually on the water pretending to be floating on big adventures. 

When he was fourteen, a family friend offered him a summer job as a stern man on a lobster boat. He puked his brains out for three days because of the smell of skate, with the captain laughing at him, which made him more determined. He has spent his summers working on a lobster boat.”

Here are a few photos that she shared with me of young Brendan.

Giles HopkinsIt is clear that Brendan loves the ocean.  If you run into him on the TS Kennedy, be sure to thank him for sharing this Mayflower connection with us.

Little Buc: I sure will, Giles!  Until next time, Followers!  Until next time, Giles!

Giles HopkinsFare thee well, Followers!  Fare thee well, Little Buc!


baby ben on a boat with dad
ben on a boat
ben on a boat
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