Language Arts Questions: Week Of January 13, 2020

quote: storms proove the strength of our anchors
quote: you are my anchor when the waves comecrashing down

Choose a quote. 

Read the quote carefully. Think about how the quote may be applied to the TS Kennedy.  Think about how the quote applies to your own life.

1.  Write about the two layers of the quote:

A.  How does the quote relate to the TS Kennedy?

B.  How does the quote relate to your life? 

ships anchor being dropped

2.  Research the history of anchors. 

Write a paragraph about what you learned. 

3.  Research two different anchors. 

Compare and contrast the two anchors.

chart shows 5 different types of anchors


town square with a statue

On Friday, the TS Kennedy will conduct anchor drills off the coast of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  The cadets will not be able to get off the ship – although they’ll wish that they could.

Click on the link below to learn about Mayaguez.

4.  Make a travel poster advertising Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  Use information that you discovered by exploring the travel website.

5.  Pretend that you are a cadet on the TS Kennedy.  Captain Campbell has granted permission to you to take the ship’s fast rescue boat to Mayaguez.  After touring Mayaguez and enjoying all that it has to offer, you return to the TS Kennedy excited about your day. 

Write a letter to Captain Campbell to thank him for this opportunity and explaining in detail how you spent your day.



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