Using Questions Of The Week In Your Classroom

This is colorful question marks.


Message To Teachers:  Questions Of The Week is an optional feature of the Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience Program.  Choose the question or questions that best meet the interests and ability levels of your students.  You may work as a class to tackle a question, or ask students to work in small groups or independently. In the past, teachers have selected one question as a homework assignment.  A few teachers have used one or more Questions Of The Week in an independent learning center.

I’d love to see samples of the outstanding work completed by your students.  You may take photographs of student work samples and email them to  You may also attach student work samples as Word documents.  Some teachers prefer to create a Google folder and share it with me.  This allows students to drop in their own work samples.  If you teach elementary school or middle school students, please do not allow them to send their own emails to me.  All of the work should be share with you first.  This will allow you to review their work and select just a few samples to share.  High school students may send emails on their own.  I will share as many outstanding work samples as possible on the Gallery 2020.  The Gallery 2020 page may be found by clicking Curriculum in the top band.

Although there are new questions are posted each week, there is never a deadline for submitting your photos or work samples.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Most sincerely,
Nancy A. Franks
Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience Coordinator

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