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Tucson gets more sun than any other city in the United States with 350 days each year.

Content As the cadets headed to their morning meeting, Cadet Joseph Donahue grabbed this photo of the mountains in the distance.  A few cadet expressed surprise that the state of Arizona is so mountainous.  Those cadets who had done some research share that Arizona is home to 3,928 summits and peaks. That’s right!  There are more mountains in Arizona than in any one of the surrounding states – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.  Twenty-six of those peaks reach elevations of 10,000 feet or more.  Some followers who have heard the saying, “As hot as a dessert.” may wonder why the cadets are wearing jackets.  January happens to be the coolest month in… more
  This morning, Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadets studying at the National Outdoor Leadership School in Arizona got up close and personal with a saguaro cactus – but not too close!   The cadets couldn’t believe that they were actually staring up at the tallest cactus in the United States, found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert.  The cadets learned that a saguaro cactus may live as long as 150 - 200 years.  Our younger followers can click on this link and enjoy an interactive exploration of daytime life and nighttime life around a saguaro cactus. It was created by the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum.   Followers of all ages will enjoy… more
Would you like to learn more about the National Outdoor Leadership School?  Click on the video below.  Would you like to attend? 
Fourteen Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadets majoring in Emergency Management & Homeland Security  (EMHS) are off on an adventure of a lifetime!  When they return from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Arizona on January 27th, they will not be the same men and women who said good-bye to their families early this morning.  In fifteen days, they will return stronger, more confident, and possessing a wide range of leadership skills that they never thought possible. The cadets will surrender their cellphones on Wednesday.  Until then, watch for their blogs and photographs.   The learning adventure for K-12 students participating in the Follow The Voyage - Share The… more