Little Buc's Blog: Colorful Kennedy - Gray February 21, 2020

Submitted by Little Buc on Fri, 02/21/2020 - 05:00
Little Buc on the gray deck
Little Buc on gray pipes on deck
little buc on gray pipes
pulleys on main deck


buc in engine room

Ahoy, Followers!

I am going to wrap up my posts for Sea Term 2020 with… Little Buc’s Colorful TS Kennedy!

Today’s color is…GRAY

You might say that gray is a very appropriate color for today.  The weather is chilly, the sky is overcast, and the cadets are busy taking tests and cleaning.  That sounds pretty gray to me! 

It was quite easy to find gray items on the ship

Thank you so much for reading my blogs!  It has been great having you join Giles Hopkins, Big Buc, and me aboard the TS Kennedy.  I look forward to seeing you right back here for Sea Term 2021. 

Although I am feeling a little “gray” about having saying good-bye to you…the cadets….and my most-favorite ship, I wish you a colorful day!

Your BFF on the TS Kennedy,
Little Buc

little buc on bridge
pans in galley
white exterior door on deck with gray paint on it


Little Buc on the Bridge
little buc with gray pipes on deck
little buc on bridge
paint gray