Captain's Log: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Submitted by Campbell on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 09:25
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Good morning, Followers,

Yes, there is a chill in the air!  Cadets are wearing shirts or sweatshirts under their boiler suits.  I have even seen a few cadets break out their woolen watch caps. 

I've received a few emails from Followers who anxious to see photos from my family's visit to Tampa.  I will ask my wife Joyce to email a few photo back to campus to be posted along with this log.  I am not sure what she'll choose.

Does your teacher have a test scheduled for today?   Back when I was in school, my teachers always seemed to schedule tests and quizzes on Thursdays or Fridays. 

If you have a big test today or tomorrow, you have something in common with every cadet aboard the TS Kennedy.  That’s because either Thursday or Friday is Exam Day.  Sometime between 0800 and 1600 on one of the two days, every cadet will complete some type of written assessment.  This week our cadets have been busy reviewing their notes, checking in with professors, and meeting with fellow classmates so that they are as well-prepared as possible. 

On Saturday, we will be anchored in Cape Cod Bay at the entrance of the Cape Cod Canal.  On board, we will be having Field Day.  If the mention of Field Day has you picturing cadets enjoying sack races, relays, and tug-of-wars, you’re wrong.  Field Day aboard the TS Kennedy involves just two events - and they’re not any of the ones that you’ve enjoyed at your school Field Day. 

The events are cleaning and packing! 

Yes, our cadets will be washing and scrubbing the ship from top to bottom.  They will also be packing up just about everything.  As I’ve mentioned, the TS Kennedy will be heading to Dry Dock next Wednesday, just three days after arriving back at Taylor’s Point.  It is necessary to pack up non-essential materials so that they are not lost or damaged while the ship is away. 

Most cadets manage to make the best of Filed Day.  They recognize the importance of taking care of the ship and leaving it in the condition that it was in when they arrived.  The time passes quickly as  cadets anticipate greeting their loved ones on Sunday, having a home cooked meal, and finally sleeping in their own bed.

We are looking forward to the welcome home signs that parents and friends create for our cadets.  Each year, the signs seem to become bigger, brighter, and more creative.  This year, it is not necessary for the signs to be waterproof.  According to the latest weather reports, there is a 0% chance of precipitation in Buzzards Bay on Sunday.

The cadets will man the rails of the TS Kennedy as we transit the beautiful Cape Cod Canal.  Anticipation will be high as the ship rounds the final bend and Massachusetts Maritime Academy comes into sight.  During our trip through the man-made canal, we will pass under three bridges - the Sagamore Bridge, the Bourne Bridge, and the Railroad Bridge.  The canal is just 480 feet wide so cadets will be able to easily recognize the faces of loved ones standing on the banks - and hear their shouts.

Have a great day!  Perhaps you can have your own Field Day in your classroom or at home.  I am sure that your teacher or parent would really appreciate it.

Captain Michael J. Campbell



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