Cadet Blog: 3/C Jack Gerrior - Saturday, February 9, 2020

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Stories from the Students

Though the majority of the were granted liberty for the final full day of portage in Willemstad, Curacao, those in Division II were expected to remain on the ship to fulfill the necessary watch, utility, engine room, deck, and scullery responsibilities that need to be accounted for each day. These students had the chance to spend the prior two days in Curacao (cadets in division III were granted all three days of liberty for this port).

On scullery duty, 3/C Waters, 3/C Terrence Driscoll, and 2/C J. Sullivan spent the day in the kitchen assisting the Chartwells staff with food service throughout the day. This afternoon, 1/C Holly Brzykcy stood watch as the Master At Arms outside of the Mess Deck while advising each passerby to utilize the hand sanitizer that is kept on a table at the main entrance and exit. She talked about having visited Mambo Beach the day prior and enjoying the opportunity to relax in the sand and sun. At 1930, 1/C Amenabar relieved the previous Master At Arms and did likewise.

In the Mess Deck, 3/C Michael Kearney reported having seen a banded yellow-and-black sea snake and a moray eel while snorkeling at a beach at the Northern end of the island yesterday. Outside of the cadet berthing areas, 3/C Ben Temple stood watch this past evening beside the holds to keep a lookout for any conspicuous activities. He talked about having had the chance to roam in the town in Willemstad to purchase gifts for his family and friends yesterday and admitted that he may have gotten carried away a bit.

On the Quarterdeck, 4/C Eric Brosnan stood deck watch over the course of the day (shifting between bow, stern, Detex routes, and working on the Bridge. Here, at 1530, the cadets on the utility bill for inside cleaning mustered for the 1600-2400 shift. Among them were 4/C Graves (MTRA), who had the chance to swim with loggerhead sea turtles and jump off the sea cliffs on yesterday’s excursion.

For those that did have liberty today, each returned excited to recollect the day’s events. Near Mambo Beach, 2/C Koshulsky visited a shark aquarium at which he stated he had the chance to hand feed lemon sharks and nurse sharks from behind a plate of glass in the water.

Among those on today’s excursion were 3/C Aidan Allusic Bingham, who had the opportunity to go to the island of Klein situated two hours away by ferry from mainland Curacao. Once there, he said, the group witnessed the remains of a shipwreck that was aground on the shoreline and saw the wild sea turtles swimming beneath the waves. Klein’s spectacular beaches afforded the cadets a spot for a well-deserved rest after having spent many days while out at sea.

Whether working on the TS Kennedy or out formulating new experiences in the phenomenal port of Willemstad, Curacao, all of the cadets have been in good spirits since our arrival here. We are expected to depart at roughly 0800 tomorrow morning and are bound for Tampa Bay, Florida.






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