Captain's Log: Thursday, February 13, 2020

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students build
students holding lifeboat made from recycled materials.


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Good Morning, Followers –

Excitement is building as we near our final port.  This week, we are pleased to have two special guests on board Captain Brigid Pavilonis and Mr. Tom Piascik. 

Captain Pavilonis is the Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs. She joined the Academy in July after an impressive career at the United States Coast Guard Academy.  During her time on the ship, Captain Pavilonis has been attending classes, talking with cadets, and observing day-to-day shipboard life. 

Tom Piascik is the Regional Director of Chartwells Higher Education.  As you know, Chartwells is the company that provides delicious meals for Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadets, faculty, and staff - both on land and at sea.  Tom is here to thank his staff for the outstanding job that they have done during Sea Term 2020.  This week, he will observe the many hours of behind-the-scenes work done by his staff to prepare for Saturday’s reception in Tampa.

I received an email from a class asking if I come from a family of ship captains.  No, my father had a successful career as a pharmacist.  He was also a professor at the University Of Rhode Island.  My father is also a big fan of the Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience Program.  He has been known to call me when he notices an error in one of my logs.

Thank you to the fourth grade scientists at Matunuck Elementary School in Wakefield, Rhode Island for sharing photos of their TS Kennedy Enclosed Lifeboat Challenge.  Their creations look like they could pass inspection by the United States Coast Guard. 

Yesterday, I received an email from a teacher in Massachusetts.  She reminded me that many school systems in the Northeast will be on vacation next week.  She said that her students are very disappointed that they will miss following the last week of our voyage. I quickly sent her a reply and asked that she encourage her students to log onto with their families and stay up-to-date with what is happening aboard the TS Kennedy.  I also suggested that the she set aside some time for her class to review the posts, videos, and photographs from our final week when they return to school on February 24th

If you are getting ready to enjoy a well-deserved February vacation, please continue to follow our cadets on a computer, phone, or tablet - at home, or wherever your week may take you.  I hope that you will also find time to reach out to me at and tell me what you enjoyed most about the Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience Program.

As always, thank you for your support.

Captain Michael J. Campbell



students holding lifeboat made from recycled materials.
students holding lifeboat made from recycled materials.
students holding lifeboat made from recycled materials.
TS Kennedy lifeboat