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nd Assistant Engineer Dave Maccini and First Assistant Engineer Christian Teague
2nd Assistant Engineer Dave Maccini (left) congratulates First Assistant Engineer Christian Teague (right)

sign says its a girl
christian with lane
Christian visited his dad on the ship in January 2019.  One year later, he is ready to be a big brother.


He’s Having A Baby!
Reflections on Family with Christian Teague

I spent a good part of my afternoon with the TS Kennedy’s 1st Assistant Engineer, Christian Teague, and we discussed his growing family. Christian and his wife, Rebecca Romo, are expecting a beautiful baby girl. Christian will actually be departing the TS Kennedy in Curacao as Rebecca’s due date is fast approaching. This is their first daughter, and her name will be Magnolia Joy; Maggie for short. The pair also has a 2-year-old named Lane, and he is absolutely adorable. He looks like a mini Christian with Rebecca’s eyes.

Christian graduated from King’s Point in 2004, and he is the former American Liaison to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the U.K., which is essentially the British version of the Strategic Military Sealift Command. Rebecca was living in South Hampton, England, at the time when they met. She used to live in New Orleans, but left after Hurricane Katrina, and ended up in the U.K. a few years later. She had lived there for eight years, and worked for BBC South as a broadcast journalist. Christian was still shipping out at the time their relationship was blossoming, and they were apart for sixteen months before Christian returned from the sea. They reunited in Florida.

For Christian, maintaining a work life and a family life is tough, however, for him, distance does make the heart grow fonder. It takes a lot of emotional effort to make everything work. According to him, working on a training ship is the best of both worlds as it “allows [him] to do what [he] loves, while still being home for dinner most nights.”

After having his first child, he made up his mind that family would come first. After Lane was born, he was looking around for work and sent out lots of applications. Fortunately, he impressed MMA and was quickly hired. Christian is a mentor to many future marine engineers, and he enjoys putting all the pieces together for learning opportunities. It his goal to create an environment where learning happens naturally instead of being taken as dictation. It warms his heart to hear positive feedback from students, which keeps him motivated. Going to sea is Christian’s passion, and he hopes to encourage his children to find their own unique interests.

Congratulations Christian and Rebecca! We can’t wait to meet Magnolia Joy!

Until next time,
Heather Gaughan


Christian Teague will soon be the father of two.

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Christian's wife, Rebecca Romo, is the host of Cape Cod's favorite morning radio program.  When she is not on maternity leave, you can listen to her show, Feel Good Mornings, from 6-10 AM Monday - Friday on 99.9 The Q. Here is a link to the radio station and  Rebecca's blog.


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