Captain's Log: Friday, February 7, 2020

Submitted by Campbell on Fri, 02/07/2020 - 10:25
control panel
watertight doors
watertight doors


Good morning, Followers –

I am up early preparing this log.  Brisk winds will make docking a little more challenging.  This will be a great learning opportunity for our cadets.  Mariners do not get to choose the weather.  We must be well-prepared for whatever we are faced with.  The crew and I are will pass along the knowledge and skills that we’ve gained throughout our long careers at sea.  The cadets always welcome our sea stories. 

I have received a few emails asking if the doors aboard the TS Kennedy are watertight doors or weathertight doors.  Actually, we have both. 

Weathertight doors are found on or above the Main Deck.  Their purpose is to keep seawater on the deck from the getting inside the ship.  You’ll notice that the doors are not flush with the deck, requiring that you step up and over to get in and out.  Also, the doors open outward to keep a positive pressure against any water that could be forcing against them.  The doors are not only closed, they are dogged.  This means that they are secured with several levers.

Our watertight doors are located on the interior of the ship, below the waterline.  They are built to stop the pressure of water from either side.  Watertight doors open and close by sliding sidewards.  In case of emergency, the doors may be closed manually with a hand-pump or automatically from a control panel on the Bridge.

I will ask that photos of our watertight doors be included with this log.

Wishing you a good weekend.  I will write to you again on Monday.  Thank you for following our cadets.

Captain Michael J. Campbell

watertight doors


watertight doors
watertight doors