Little Buc's & Giles Hopkins's Blog: Cadets Explore Mayflower II - January 30, 2020

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Little BucAhoy, Followers!  Ahoy, Giles! 

Giles HopkinsGood Morrow, Followers!  Good Morrow, Little Buc!  While I was getting a snack in the Mess Deck last night, I overheard cadets reminiscing about fieldtrips to Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Of course, I had to get involved!

Little Buc: I would expect nothing else, Giles!  What did you find out?

Giles Hopkins:  3/C Cadet Christopher Stronach was telling his friends about touring Mayflower II when he was in third grade. 

Little BucI ran into Cadet Stonach in the gym last week.  He’s a Marine Engineering major from Dedham, Massachusetts.  He attended the Early Childhood Education Center, Greenlodge Elementary School, Dedham Middle School, and Dedham High SchoolCadet Stronach’s dad graduated from Massachusetts Maritime. Academy

Giles HopkinsThat’s right! 

Young Christopher came to Plymouth with Mrs. Glennon and his third grade class at Greenlodge Elementary School in Dedham. 

Little Buc: Did he share photos of the fieldtrip?

Giles HopkinsOf course!  Here they are! In the first photo, he is the student holding the clipboard.

Little BucWhat great photos!  I am sure that some of our followers are recalling their own fieldtrips to see Mayflower II.  Perhaps they will share their memories with us in an email to

Giles HopkinsI sure hope so!  I never tire of hearing stories about Mayflower or Mayflower II.

I did save the best photo for last.  Do you recognize this table, Little Buc?  It’s the table that we saw on display at the Visitors Center at Plimoth Plantation last summer.  We even had a photo taken with it. 

Little BucThat’s a beautiful table but it can’t be the one that we had our photo taken with.  The table that Christopher and his classmates are standing by is straight.  The one that we saw at Plimoth Plantation was slanted.  Here is our photo.  Look at me!  I am about to slide right off!

Giles HopkinsIt’s the same table, Little Buc!  Didn’t you read the sign above the table?  The legs on the table were cut at two different lengths to accommodate the slanted deck on Mayflower II.  When the table was placed on the uneven deck, its top was perfectly level.

Little Buc: I guess I missed that sign!  Now I understand.  Did any of the other cadets in the Mess Deck have photos of a field trip to Mayflower II?

Giles Hopkins: Yes!  4/C Robert Houde, a Marine Engineering major from Ayer, Massachusetts shared this photo of his visit – and a photo of his school.   He toured the ship during a field trip with his third grade class from Page Hilltop Elementary SchoolCadet Houde and his classmates were trying out the block and tackle exhibit before boarding the ship. 

Little BucThat reminds me of the block and tackle that we have here on the TS KennedyBlocks with ropes threaded through the pulleys are called block and tackle. A block and tackle system increases the tension force in the rope which allows crew members to lift heavy loads.

Giles HopkinsI can’t wait to see if we receive any stories from our followers about visiting Mayflower II with their class or their family.  Don’t forget, our email is

Little BucFollowers, we want to hear from you!  Have a great day at school!   

Giles HopkinsFare thee well, Followers!  Let’s get ready for Costa Rica, Little Buc!



four boys, arrow points to stonach
3/C Christopher Stonach

christopher exploring mayflower II
christopher exploring mayflower II
christopher exploring mayflower II


kids by table on mayflower II
diagram of ship
Houde plays with block and tackle
block and tackle on ts kennedy