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Climb aboard the 540-foot TS Kennedy for Sea Term 2021!  Thanks to cadet blogs, the Captain’s Log, photographs, videos, special features, and a unique hands-on curriculum, you will virtually travel with Massachusetts Maritime cadets.  Each day, you’ll read about and watch the shipboard responsibilities of cadets majoring in Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation, and Facilities Engineering as they tackle challenging topics such as weather forecasting, celestial navigation, ocean currents, rust removal, engine maintenance, sewerage treatment, firefighting, and seawater desalination.

You’ll feel like you’re right beside the cadets as the ship conducts anchoring drills off the coast of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico or cruises down New York’s East River and passes the Statue Of Liberty.  For the health and safety of the cadets and crew aboard the TS Kennedy, the ship will not be making any port stops during Sea Term 2021. 

This non-stop adventure begins on Saturday, May 29th when the ship departs Buzzards Bay.  The TS Kennedy is scheduled to return on Wednesday, June 23rd.  There will be posts each day – even on weekends. 

Thanks for being a part of Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s free, one-of-a-kind, K-12, STEM adventure on land and sea!

Would you like to take a look inside the TS Kennedy’s conference room on the Main Deck? You'll find this selection from the TS Kennedy's Video Vault very informative.   This 46-second video was created by Blogger Heather Gaughan in January 2019.
Meet 4/C William “Will” Neth a Marine Engineering major from Merrimac, Massachusetts. For several summers, Will attended Coastal Discoveries, a boat camp out of Newburyport. Each day brought a different adventure on a boat, including fishing, hauling traps, and hiking on nearby islands.  Will chose Massachusetts Maritime Academy because he prefers hands-on learning, loves engines, and wanted to attend a small school. Will is looking forward to one more weekend at sea before heading back to Cape Cod.   Click on the link below to learn more about Coastal Discoveries Marine Education Program.  
  A "wall climb" is a play in baseball where a fielder makes an out by by catching a fly ball or pop up while climbing a wall.  The play is usually completed by outfielders robbing hitters of hits that may have been a homer.   Wall climbs are celebrated at Fenway Park.  Here at TS Kennedy Park, wall climbs...or "railing crawls"...are frowned upon. If the ball is sailing towards the ocean - just let it go!      
Some photos speak volumes on their own.  The do not need a clever introduction or a catchy caption. This is one of those photos.  
  Wow!  Today was absolutely filled with exciting things! We keep steaming up the East Coast past North Carolina at a slow speed of 4 knots.  We’re due to arrive in New York on Saturday. I’m still going through my engineering training cycle, and we did a ton of interesting things today.   What Kind Of Pipe?  If you take a look around your house, you can find all sorts of pipes. Some are used for water, some for plumbing, some for gas, and, especially on a ship, steam. And all these pipes can also be made out of different materials.  Today in engine training, we figured out some ways to connect different pipes.   Today, we had PVC, copper, and black iron pipe, and made a little…
  Good morning, Followers - Earlier in the week, I shared my daily advice to cadets, "Finish strong!"  I urged all of you to do the same.  Well, that is just what is happening back in Mrs. Harcourt's 4th grade class at Whitin Elementary School in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.  Yesterday, Mrs. Franks forwarded me photos of students working on detailed drawings of the TS Kennedy and photos of five completed drawings. Officers and crew members who stopped by my office throughout the afternoon and evening enjoyed viewing the photographs on my computer.  We all know that the 2020-2021 school year is coming to a close.  We are thankful that they found time to draw the TS Kennedy.  With…
  Meet, Mathew “Matt” Tobichuk, a Facilities Engineering major from Wrentham, Massachusetts.  Matt is following in the footsteps of his uncles, Joe and Jerry Fraher, both graduates of Massachusetts maritime Academy.      
Would you like to climb down into the Engine Room to see the TS Kennedy’s sewer pump? You'll find this selection from the TS Kennedy's Video Vault very informative.  WARNING: The Engine Room is so loud, you will probably have difficulty hearing what the cadets is saying.  Don't worry!  Just take a look around. This 31-second video was created by Blogger Heather Gaughan in January 2019.  
Let's take another trip to the TS Kennedy’s Bridge! There's always so much to see! This 51-second video was created by Blogger Heather Gaughan in January 2019.
Ahoy, Followers! Can you keep a secret?  Are you sure?  Really sure? Do you promise not to tell the secret to your favorite cadet? Before the TS Kennedy departed for Sea Term 2021, Admiral McDonald snuck some very precious cargo onto the ship.   Admiral McDonald is the President of Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  He's the hardest working man I know, and…one of the funniest! When I said good-bye to him in the Mess Deck on campus, Admiral McDonald let me in on a BIG secret.  I was shocked!  After giving Admiral McDonald a high-five with my hook, I ran up the gangway.  Of course,  I was eager to shout the good news from the Helo Deck. I planned to post it on Twitter and Instagram…